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2019: Independent candidacy will end impunity in Parties –Sen.Uduah

As the 2019 elections draw nearer, Senator Stella Oduah gas said that Independent Candidacy remained the best option for best representation in 2019, Oduah, representing Anambra North Senatorial District said that unlike it was being misunderstood; independence candidacy would help the politics in Nigeria.

According to her, independent candidacy would end the impunity of imposition by political parties and ensure the right candidates are elected either through a political party or as an independent contestant.

She stressed that independence candidacy had worked in other developed countries and it would also work in Nigeria.

“It has worked in the US. Indeed, it is a global best practice.  If you bring it back home it will give the electorate the opportunity to choose who they want.

“We may not like political party B or political party C, but we like this individual. So, people will have direct access to choose their leaders.

“It will also remove the issue of imposition. It will not be a free-for-all. The best will emerge,” she said.

Sen. Oduah had championed the independent candidacy bill since the beginning of the 8th Assembly.

Defending constituency projects the senator stressed that the project was aimed at taking development to the grassroots.

According to Oduah, the projects are the easiest way to make poor Nigerians to feel the gains of democracy.

She said that those criticizing the project and tagging it as a means to embezzle money were not being fair.

“I think they are not just being fair, either because they have not read or because they have failed to understand.

“I will make an excuse for them to say that probably they don’t understand what constituency project is.

“What is constituency project? It is about those projects that are domiciled in our communities. It is about those projects that will bring infrastructural development.

“That will bring and bridge the gap that exists in our development. For instance, it is impossible for the minister of budget and planning to know all the communities in Nigeria.

“It is even impossible for him to correctly spell the name of my community, and probably your community. He is just a human being.

“The only way you can address that is through constituency project development, and that will come through the various representatives of the people who know what the gaps are, how they are, and so know how and what to prioritise.

“I think for us to have a bottom-up, holistic development in Nigeria, we must mainstream and prioritise our community development through constituency projects,” she said


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