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APC Change Mantra An Aback Mendacity

By Philip Brandford Adams

Amidst the nation’s cloudy political environment emerged APC as the ruling political party in Nigeria after the 2015 general election. However, due to its much pronounced change mantra which allured most of the electorates, especially those from the northern part of the country into believing that APC is the only solution to their woes.

Many northern electorates were ruse by their leaders who are desperate for power, that the leadership of the country ab initio is their birth right. It was also a strong yearning from some quarters in the country especially the opposition political parties that vehemently ended the People’s Democratic Party PDP political control on the nation.

It was a position that the party enjoyed for over fourteen years in the country. However, the most baffling aspect of the change mantra is that most of the APC members and their supporters have acted without a scintilla of circumspection in terms of credibility and capabilities of their candidates, but foolhardily and desperately advocated for the change of political power which eventually pitch the country in to the present untoward doomy state.

It is quite melancholy that, after a solid two years in office, the expectations of Nigerian’s from the new crop of leadership chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari is becoming a nightmare as millions of Nigerian’s are dying in abject poverty without any sign of respite to their plight. It is gradually becoming an open truth that APC has nothing to offer to Nigerian’s, because its most pronounce change mantra has turn to a darn fantasies and aback mendacities, it has become gratuitous before the poor Nigerian electorates.

The three branches of government that are designed to serve and deliver to the masses through checks and balances (watch dog), have failed under the present APC led administration since their balance has become gridlock where the executive monopolizes everything, and the Nigerians are not getting the governance they needs. The politics of the blame game has become the hall mark of the present APC led government, the lopsided, smear campaign of war against corruption and paying of old scores (vendetta) is incessantly on sharp display.

Power has been sucked out of the constitutional system and usurped by the President as even the court orders were undermined, political appointments/ employment arebased on ethnic and religious sentiment. To cap it all, the often ballyhooing of the said millions recovered from the looters on daily basis by EFCC have not change the lives of Nigerians but rather exacerbate their current impoverish situations.

It is now clear that the APC Government is using different political schemes in order to divert the attention of Nigerian’s not to think about their failed promises made during campaign period, since they cannot deliver.

Another cranky and dark side of this administration which is one of the contributing factor that hobble the country not to burgeon economically is the flagrant power of the invisible wire pullers of the APC led administration who deliberated at a poker table in a certain little corner, using the power of kinship to dictate to the administration and hitherto fearless trail blazing octopus, who has no option than to become biddable to their whims and caprices.

No Democratic society will expect more than an adequate emergency relief from a Ruling Political Party so named with its campaign slogan (change mantra). APC as a Nigerian ruling political Party was indeed lucky to have exhibited the best political propaganda in the last 2015 general elections which propel the party to its present tacky voguish status. They study and know the aspect of their opponents that is losing public appeal and has taken a new direction to which the public taste is veering with their slogan, the change mantra and couple with their venal maneuvers, have successfully gotten the overwhelming public sympathy in the last 2015, general elections.

President Buhari as a captain of the ship has the moral high ground, no doubt, he has good intention for the Nigerian’s, he was indeed a charming candidate an alchemist’s that has transmute a prosaic APC campaign platform into the reality of lot of votes in the last election. He is the candidate who for some reason has hitherto caught the imagination of many Nigerian electorates. But it is unfortunate that the expectation of the Nigerian’s from this present administration is gradually becoming a mirage as the government has woefully failed to improve the standard living of the masses after its two years in office. The confidence that the thousands of Nigerians reposed in President Buhari from the onset has become evanescent as his reification by many as the only savior remains illusion. Can the Nigerian’s continue to celebrate the personality of Buhari without any positive impact in their lives? It is not the personality, but the ability to carry out and fulfil his party’s promises which is to change the Nigerian’s lives for better and not the present squalid live experienced by the masses which is often at crescendo.

Without mincing words, one cannot deny the fact that this administration has made some cosmetic achievement which was not done by the previous administration, but the question begging for an answer is that, Why all this hardship, is this the right guerdon to give back to the innocent electorate that voted for you? What happens to the all-conquering APC with its divining change mantra?  APC was indeed an indomitable trail blazing octopus in the last 2015 general election and has even equated itself as a messiah and the liberator that the Nigerians as a whole are in dire need. Is unfortunate that the party due to its perceptible and much glairing inept evince, has lost its political vivacious live.

APC has succeeded in making the socio-economic lives of the masses comatose and citizen’s standard of living has degenerated far below expectations and still expects praises from the disaffected and disenchanted people that suffered so much deprivation and hardship after their two years of stay in office.

What responsibility does the APC led government owe the poor Nigerians; what meaning is the sacred oath they stood and swore before them and the general public? What do they owe to the future unborn Nigerians?

 Nigerians are increasingly worried by the way the APC led government is renowned for their expertise in coining slogans for change and unfortunately, everything begins and ends with the slogan as the citizens do not witness any transformation of the economic or their wellbeing. They are greatly disturbed that the failure of this government to perform without clannish favoritism and also give respite to an average dying Nigeria who is passing through hardship has become the bane of the country’s development.

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