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DRUMS OF WAR: Former Gov. Jang gave our lands to Beroms – Afizere

By Asile Emmanuel

The Afizere Cultural and Development Association (ACCDA), has accused the  Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO) for land grabbing and land dispute, incursion  in Plateau state and  illegal installation of traditional heads of  beroms title outside  their districts .

Spokesman of the Afizere Cultural and Community Development Association (ACCDA) ,Prof. Atu made this disclosure at the Town hall conference in Lamingo Area of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau state.

He warned the Berom to stay clear of Afizere communities rather threatened action blaming that our people have been compelled by the prevailing circumstances to set the records straight by reacting to the full text of press conference by Berom.

According to him, “inglorious immediate past administration of the state ,was directed by former Governor Jonah Jang to deliberately place the Afizere people at a disadvantage position by denying them legally constituted traditional institutions in Jos- North and Jos -East Local Government Areas but rather terminated appointments of their sons and daughters in government without genuine reasons.

He explained that the Afizere are the owners of Old Airport, Rayfield ,Dadin Kowa ,Anglo Jos ,Gigiring ,Dong ,Tudun WADA and Gyese House which was grabbed by the Jang regime ,adding, records show that the Afizere received compensation from government in 1927 to 1948 but the last group of farmlands, settlements were now encroached when Jang step into power and arrogated it’s to Du district which used to be under Foron district of Barkin Ladi LGA.

Prof. Danladi said, with references from authenticated historical documents will elucidate more on our territorial boundaries with Berom and Anaguta ,”report signed on 30th June,1914 by Mr S.E.M Stobart ,then the Assistant District officer titled, Assessment Report on Anaguta and Jarawa tribes of Bukuru District ,Naraguta division “,stobart stated.

“The Anaguta Tribe and that portion of the Jarawa (Afizere ) which inhabits the town of Jos reside among the hills overlooking the Government station and Hausa settlements of Naraguta and JOS respectively ,which they form in the fertile basin formed by the Delimi river. They are bounded on the East, North -East and South East by the Burrum (Kibyen “Berom” and on the west are the Rukuba tribe “, he added.

He disclosed further that the Berom started making incursion into our territorial land as it is obvious that we had not lived in the same domain with them prior to pacification.

Atu stressed that on the basic of good neighborliness and peaceful inter-tribal relationship, due to the period there was much hunger in their territorial areas, shortly after one generation, and the demise of our parents they migrated to occupy this said lands.

It is gathered that the Berom started drifting to our vast farmlands which they were tenants and we allowed them on the spirit of good neighbors and peaceful inter-tribal relationship, because at that time, there was much land hunger for grabbing.

Prof Atu complained that after the demise of their parents, the children of Berom extraction started laying claims to their ancestral farmlands to the extent that it’s resulted to litigations and crisis which is gradually pushing us away.

“The Bukuru town itself was founded about 200 years ago, partly by the people from Gabon hill, which is situated between Ngel and Miango and was probably the first occupied site on the Plateau, how Berom encroached into Miango, Afizere and Anaguta lands in Jos North and South respectively.

“We therefore challenge BECO to produce any evidence of litigation between the Afizere and the Berom on the judgment that was entered into with the Plateau state government, only the Anaguta are presently in court challenging it, except if the Berom are now telling the world that the Anaguta went to court on their behalf or they are representing them”, he noted.

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