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Fulfil your reconciliatory moves, Niger Delta Avengers tells Osinbajo

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The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate says the movement is not dead, neither is its spirit quelled, it is just in a process of repositioning for better impacts. It says “we have observe the sensible steps being taken so far by the acting president, Yemi Osibajo to convince the Niger Delta of his administration ‘s sincerity in finding genuine peace in our region. At least, he has shown some effort and is making an attempt, unlike his boss who has not hidden his disdain and disrespect for our people. However, we will want to advise the acting president to make good his promise to come out to discuss with the youths of this region. Youths of the upland area of the Niger Delta area looking forward to pouring their hearts out to him”

Also that during the period of it quietness a lot of things have happened that are forming parts of the reasons for their rethinking future line of actions.  It, however, said the acting president goofed in some areas in his interactions with Niger Delta stakeholders “ we saw how he failed to see that the Niger Delta does not belong to just one set of people, how he continued in the error of those before him, gave all the attention to only Ijaw people, especially in Delta state. He started out on a faulty note, which if not corrected, will make the situation worse. Divide and rule will not work, if the people of the upland part of the region are not treated with same level of respect as those in the creeks, there will never be security for the oil assets you so much cherish”

Meanwhile, the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate said that it has in agreement with government to redirect oil companies to bring their headquarters back to it land. They also warn the oil companies to be wary of the jobbers coming to them in their name, claiming to have settled the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate.

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