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Gov. Bindow And Adamawa Local Government Workers

By Philip Brandford

It has become crystal clear that the transfer of power to APC was a development that was driven by blindness and desperation for change. It is a situation that the people of Adamawa have to continue with.

The expectation of Adamawa state from the new crop of leadership catapulted by the new word of change has become a mirage with the incessant hardship which affects both the business and government workers in the state.

It has become an undeniable fact that the hue and cry of the Adamawa state Local government workers/pensioners about the nonpayment of their salaries has made the masses to start losing confidence in the Governor Bindow led administration.

The present administration has demean the local governments, deprive them of any relevance and make them redundant, the powers given to them in one section of the constitution are taken away in subsections.

The Local Government Council staff will indeed continue to bemoan the ugly fate that has befallen them under the present APC led administration teleguided by Governor Bindow.

Why has these set of workers especially the Local council staff, turned out to be victims of successive governments; they suffer a lot of bashing, neglect and sometimes job separation and other forms of victimization?

The dedicated and selfless service rendered by the past Nigerian politicians which formally serves as a mark for recognition and honor has been replaced by discrimination, marginalization, greed and covetousness. Nigerian have had a situation where most of the politicians entrusted with leadership positions embark on mindless looting, embezzlement of public funds for themselves, and refused to give workers their entitlement which is only a pittance that could not procure a bag of maize for their families.

Local Government workers in Adamawa State are really passing through a hell of time as their expectation from the new leadership in the State is becoming a mirage. These poor workers have accused the past and the present leadership of the state for being responsible for their plight; they complain bitterly over the denial and untimely payment of salaries and other entitlements by the government. We have a crop of demoralized Local Council civil servants whose fate keeps dangling in the herds of successive governments in Adamawa state due to their administrative style and insensitivity. Adamawa state Local Council workers have reflected with nostalgia the past administration of the acting Governor Umar Fintiri which they describe as the only veritable phoenix of Adamawa’s democratic future. They said that, for out of the ashes of despair, brutality, cynicism and strife of the dark era of Nyako’s administration has emerged Fintiri who is the pillar of freedom, democracy, justice and hope Adamawa state ever had.

 The administration of Rt Hon. Fintiri though, an acting Governor, has come and gone like a flash of lightening that left a tears in the eyes of workers in the State because he gave them hope by giving them all their entitlements which was hitherto denied by the previous administrations.

Acting Governor Ahmadu Umar Fintiri was indeed an architect of modern Adamawa State because there was no doubt since his assumption as the acting Governor of the State exhibited the leadership quality of a true chief servant of the people.

Indeed Fintiri has worked his fingers to the bones to deliver the desired dividends of democracy to his people in just one month of his assumption of office as the acting Governor. He equally managed and settled all the worker’s salary arrears within one month of stay in the office which becomes one of the major achievements of his administration.

It is now more virtually certain that the Adamawa State leadership which emerged from the All progressive congress APC has came on the heels of its strong ties with President Buhari’s wind of change, with its change mantra, and has done creditably well for the simple fact that he flagged off the construction of the road projects within fifty three (53) days of his administration in the state headquarters and maintain its continuing candor to some few luckiest Local Government areas in the state. One would have expected that the Bindow administration would have equally captured the hearts of the Local Government workers in the State.

We still cannot understand why this secret that launched Fintiri into limelight eluded his administration. The perception of governance by the public when government gives priority to contracts is not usually favorable because the public see it as an avenue for those in power to enrich themselves through the several contract awards, the civil servants were more demoralized when their starving to death while the money which could have been given them some respite is diverted on the road construction that can only be appreciated if they are satisfy.

More disturbing is that it is becoming almost a tradition for workers to work into the next month before getting their salaries paid.

One may be forced to advice the leadership of the Adamawa State government to learn from some of its counterparts who settled their workers especially the Local Government staff salaries and other entitlements within the short span of their administration.

The inertia of the Adamawa state leadership in refusing to sympathize with these poor workers tallies with the philosophy that man by nature is a political animal, socially been characterized by the intense desire for wealth and power. An insatiable being that is never complacent will stop at nothing if it means protecting and projecting his interest, monopolizing all the sources of pleasure and leaving others in pain.( ‘Aristotle’).

As a senator under PDP who later defected to APC and a fortune smile on him and became a Governor, it is expected of him to redefine the concept of democracy to mean a sustainable development to the electorate. The promises reiterated by Bindow during his campaign period especially on the welfare of the local workers can, at best, now be describe as heresies since these set of pitiable poor workers are seriously starving without any respite from the Government.

With the present guddle and muddle administrative lamebrain exhibited by some APC political office holders, some of them may well go down in history as the most derided and hated ex-leaders for their skew chicanery change mantra.

If Bindow ever had principles, if he ever had Adamawa people at heart as he made us believe from the onset, he could have become a true altruist by ensuring the greatest happiness to a greater majority.

I begrudge Bindow of how he has allow these poor workers to be gnashing their teeth in a chronic hardship; he has gleefully in his cozy executive office forgotten that the park of power and glamour he enjoys is the sweat of the masses.

APC as a ruling political party has succeeded in making the socio-economic lives of the masses comatose and citizen’s standard of living has degenerated far below expectations and still expects praises from the disaffected and disenchanted people that suffered so much deprivation and hardship.

The present Adamawa State leadership must redirect its energies towards providing comfort and favorable atmosphere for these poor workers if not its heading towards its doom come 2019.

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