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Gov Sani Bello Redefines Leadership In Niger State

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State has no doubt since he assumed leadership of the state has exhibited the leadership quality to galvanized the entire state.

For the past sixteen years Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have govern the state, while the present dispensation All Progressive Party (APC) with overwhelming votes which resulted to the crash of the ruling party.

People now believe it was another milestone in the life of their political carrier, they believe that his emergence in the state is a breath of fresh air which has rubbish all political stereotypes, redefining leadership.

Indeed Governor Abubakar Sani Bello who is now over one year in office has worked his fingers to the bones to deliver the desired dividends of democracy of his people one of his unique features of his administration is transparency and his ability to carry people along in his policies and programmes.

He dedicated himself to proving accountable leadership by focusing mainly on programmes that have direct benefits to the people, the reason for this is not far fetched going by what is practically on the ground in the past one year of his assumption of office.

Though in some quota, some intentions by the governor is being criticised knowing fully well that government is a continuous process, some uncompleted projects initiated by the immediate past administration which some are already completed by Abubakar Sani Bello is not a taboo.

The completion of Kure Market road linking Sabongari and rehabilitation of port holes within Minna metropolis is highly commendable; these projects no doubt have direct bearings on the people of the State.

People of the State should count themselves lucky to have two energetic leaders Bello and Ketso, because since they assumed office over one year now, there exist a very robust relationship amongst the governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello and his deputy, Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Ketso who has been given task of responsibilities to enable him to learn at a fast pace and no doubt he has keyed in to his boos strategic development plan for the next four years.

No doubt the governor without waiting so long stick to his words, implemented some policies he spelt out during his inauguration by reducing the number of ministries, already the ministries were downsized from twenty three to fourteen as part of reform of the civil service so as to cut down the bulk of the State earned revenue which was used to pay more workers and servicing more ministries and parastatals than needed, also the number of Permanent Secretaries has been reduced from 54 to 25.

According to the Governor, virtually all the revenue is spent on recurrent expenditure thereby paying more workers than what is required to run the State efficiently, he said by doing this, the government will be able to conserve enough funds for capital projects for the fact that he inherited a bloated, disillusioned, unproductive and least paid civil service in the country. This will enable him to cope with the pace of his administration and entrench effective and efficient delivery of service to Nigerlites.

You will agree that the past one year has been characterized by setting the right agenda through fact finding to determine resource capacity for effective allocation to priority sectors and programmes.

It will be recalled that during Mr. Governor’s State affairs broadcast on 10th September, 2015, Mr. Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello promised to ensure that the financial institution and civil service rules are strictly adhered to, it was in fulfilment of that pledge that the Government embarked on public reforms so as to strengthen the institutions of governance for quality service delivery in order to improve the living standard of Nigerlites. Before now Mr. Governor summoned stakeholders summit in conjunction with some international development partners in order to prepare a blueprint for the State.

The screening of Civil Servants early this year which was later taken over by the Labour Union is part of strategic reform to ensure transparency and accountability which no doubt the exercise have exposed some illegalities; there is need for Nigerlites to exercise patience as the administration tow the line of integrity in restoring good governance and shall continue to maintain zero tolerance for corruption in all facets, in addition to block leakages and wastages in governance.

Also, ten new road projects have been awarded by the Government, some completed, others still ongoing.

Some roads that have been given the Governor sleepless night is the trunk ‘A’ roads in the State which are Federal roads, these roads include the Suleja – Minna road, Lapai – Lambata – Bida road, Bida – Lemu – Zungeru – Tegina road, Gidigovi – Kagara – Mokwa road, Makera – Kontagora, Kontagora – Yawuri road, others are Kontagora – Rijau road and Agaie – Baro road, others include, Gulu – Muye – Gegu road, Kontagora – Rijau road as well as Mokwa – New Bussa road.

The government is making a spontaneous move to ensure that the Federal Government quickly intervene in rehabilitating these roads as it has pose great threat to the motorist plying the roads.

No doubt the government of Abubakar Sani Bello is a silent achiever in its rural transformation drive, particularly in electrification projects awarded to contractors, over N500million is expected to be expended on over ten electrification projects. The Government was magnanimous indeed to complete the long abandoned Beji electrification projects at the cost of N56million, the completion of New Kusheriki Gando, Old Kusheriki and Gidigori awarded to Wunchinko Nigeria Enterprises at N41million, others include Solar Power environmental lighting at Gulu Hospital through direct labour at N17million as well as Solar environmental lightening project at Ketso Community which has been put on hold pending when the community is resettled due flood disaster and the completion of 33 by 11KV injection sub-station at Paiko at the cost of N68million.

Among the electrification projects recently awarded are the Maiduguri road Solar Power Street light installation and the U.K. Bello road to Sabon Gari at the cost of N97million as well as upgrading of Abubakar Lapkene Secretariat Complex power supply from 11KV to 33KV.

It was jubilation galore at Gbangbagi village in Lavun Local Government Area that has been clamouring for electrification for the past ten years when a team of contractors reported at the site.

The Batati – Gbangbagi electrification project was awarded to Dayama Legacy Nig. Ltd. at the sum of N17.9million as part of rural transformation agenda of Mr. Governor Abubakar Sani Bello just to mention a few.


Writes from Deputy Governor’s Office

Minna, Niger State.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State

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