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JPRM Engineers Humanitarian And Peaceful Coexistence


Justice Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM) is an NGO under the leadership of Rev. Habila M. Istifanus, a running mate to the former EFCC Boss Mallam Nuhu Ribadu in the last 2015 Adamawa State Governorship election.

The organization envisages a just and peaceful society where people of different Religion, culture and philosophy will stay together in harmony, having empathy and incessant penchant to tranquility. The organization through its relentless Humanitarian and peace building activities, have earned itself accolade in Nigeria and beyond.

Justice Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM) through the selfless teleology of Rev. Habila M. Istifanus who happens to be its architect, was established and started its humanitarian with Peace building activities at a small Village called Nongvan in Timdore District of Ganye Local Government area in Adamawa State. The organization which was lucky to be nurtured and plug from the obscurity over the years by an adept peace expert and altruistic sitter, has gradually become a mecca for peace building especially in the northern Nigeria. It has become a colossal NGO which vehemently foci on deprecating violent activities via its peace programs, the organization have branches in almost Ten State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s rural areas. In discharging its organizational activities across the country, rural areas have become the main targets and beneficiaries of its largesse due to the squalid, brutish and miserable nature of their lives of.  The organization believes that the people living in the rural areas are the most mishap and disadvantage ones who need more succor than those in the urban places.

In keeping to its unassailable vision and mission of ensuring the just and a peaceful society, JPRM deemed it mandatory to beef up and do something on how to occlude the mass penetration of the innocent Nigerian youths that are becoming the messengers of doom in a bunch and choosing the side of suicide due to their ignorance. The organization decided to embark on establishing peace clubs in the secondary schools across the country.

“Peace clubs in secondary schools was initiated by the JPRM with the broad goal to stop youths from their state of ignorance which made them docile to the whims and caprices of the Frankenstein cabals”.

 According to the president of the organization Rev. Habila M. Istifanus, JPRM recognizes the fact to experience a gamut peace and building of more peaceful, cooperative and just societies where human security is valued as paramount, building of peace must start from the secondary schools said Habila. He said that peace must be included in educational curriculum for the purpose of easy influence and establishing Ambassadors of peace after their graduation.

According to him, JPRM peace club in secondary school is a social movement that seeks to achieve ideals such as ending of skirmishes and violence in the country and made open to all students interested in peace and social justice.

“The club is active in fighting, creatively and nonviolently, the religious and ethnic indifference. Rev. Habila maintained that, another avenue for establishing peace clubs in the secondary school is to instill the values of peace, brotherhood and togetherness in students while they are still young. We hope that they will pass on these ideas and values to their peers concur Istifanus.

The organization has also successfully organized many programs on inter -faith dialogue, Justice and Peace Promotion and Direct community projects etc at the Rural and Urban places. JPRM always tried its best to see that at any of the mentioned programs, people of different Religion/Ethnic groups who attend the program and have freely reasoned together and dine on the same table without any whiff of prejudice or chauvinism.

JPRM is indeed one of the  pilot and a chronicle of a peace building NGO  that  embraces everybody in a society regardless of his/her Religion, the organization  has, in recent times succeeded in reconciling  many families and friends who are hitherto in a serious vendetta. As a matter of fact, JPRM as a role model of peace building NGO which uses bottom up model in its peace building process, has gone to the extent of withdrawing some already existing belligerent cases between its community members in a court of law and amicably settling it in a peaceful and congenial way.  

The organization apart from its peace building programs, have also embark on humanitarian activities which complemented government efforts especially in the area of poverty alleviation. JPRM has been complementing government effort in alleviating poverty in the society via its soft loans schemes and skill acquisition training of youths and women in various communities.

 The organization has given women priority especially under the Women Economic Empowerment Program (WEEP). WEEP is one of the key departments of the Justice Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM) which addresses the economic issues of the Women. JPRM via its WEEP programs have played a major role in mitigating the high level of poverty in its member communities by equipping the Jobless Women skillfully and given out soft loans to them at the end of their trainings which makes them to be self-employed and help themselves and their communities. JPRM Humanitarian and Peace building activities have levitate the organization and place her on the pedals of recognition across the country.

The organization currently in one of its branch office in Plateau State, have embark on a gargantuan project of a Peace Orientation and Conference Center (POCC). The center is purposely constructed for peace seminars and workshop where people of different religion and ethnic from all over the African countries will come for peace building training. By and large, as the organization that succeeded in feeding the poor and the neglect deserves the commendation of all and sundry.

Giving honor to whom honor is due is a Biblical injunction. JPRM as a NGO that touches people lives in various ways deserves honor and recognition. The organization has been in deny acknowledge for its generous posture and selfless services to humanity without religious or ethnic consideration.

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