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Opinion: Adamawa State Local Council Workers And The Moment Of Poignancy


An elected political office holder who will continue to have the support of his people even after his tenure is the one who play a propaganda that work in line with the needs of the masses even if is haphazard. The basis of a successful politician is to know how to exhibit a good propaganda in his administration, the idea is to have an objective and then to endeavor to arrive at the exact need of at least 85% of the masses which I believe is to ensure food on their table. He will have the knowledge of the public and modifying circumstances to manipulate and sway them.

It is an indubitable fact that the facelift of Adamawa state through the road project by Governor Bindow is indeed a pareto-optimality and I believe is part of the ipso-factor of his promised to make Adamawa State great. His seamless and candor about the road project in the state shows how can-do the Governor is. Even the worst critique of the Governor can admit that he has tried in terms of face lifting the state via road project especially in the state headquarters. However, the most baffling aspect is that, the hue and cry of the Adamawa state Local government council workers about the nonpayment of their salaries and especially their general welfare that the Government denied them is the brunt borne out of this Government which sullied its reputation before these poor workers. To be candid with ourselves, Can these hungry poor workers yell and commend Governor for the on-going road project while they are suffocated with starvation? In order to survive man must eat, you cannot appreciate a good road with empty stomach.  It is indeed a moment of poignancy to the Adamawa State local government workers, the litany of woes we must admit followed by the untold hardship that these set of poor workers are passing through. It is highly flabbergasting and ignominiously to the Adamawa State APC led government for allowing the masses to whine and whimper despite it’s much pronounced change mantra.

It is disheartening to note that the sadism and parochialism has become a modus Vivendi to the survival of this government. The present Adamawa state government under the leadership of Umar Jibrilla Bindow has failed the electorate since the pittance of the Local Government workers which could not even buy a bag of maize has remain an illusion as the government still owes them many months.  As a senator under PDP who later defected to APC and a fortune smile on him and became a Governor, it is expected of him to redefine the concept of democracy to mean a sustainable development to the electorate. The promises reiterated by Bindow during his campaign period can, at best, now be describe as heresies since the hardship has become the order of the day in the state.

 Why all this hardship, is this the right guerdon to pay back to the innocent local government workers who together with their families voted for you? What happens to the all-conquering APC with its divining change mantra?  APC as a ruling political party in this country which was an indomitable trail blazing octopus in the last 2015 general election and which often equated itself as a messiah and the liberator that Adamawa State and Nigeria as a whole are in dire need has lost its political vivacious live due to its inhumanistic and inept tendencies which become so much glairing.

It is an undisputable fact that most of the present political office holders who have survived the 2015 General election because of the Buhari’s (SAK) syndrome are self-centered. Although we have few among them that can deliver and make their people feel the dividends of democracy.

Without any whiff of gain saying, the 2015 Adamawa State Gubernatorial election shows how people are tired with the PDP led administration. Adamawa state was among the State which suffers from the gluttonous hands of the PDP in the past especially during the reign of Admiral Murtala Hammanyero Nyako who was the PDP Governor and later defected to APC.

The State experience gross inadequacies and misrule of the defunct ruling political party PDP, couple with its party internal crisis, marginalization and gross mismanagement of resources that were the hallmarks of the impeached Governor Nyako administration. With the present incessant hardship across the country despite the much pronounce change mantra, masses are beginning to lose confidence in the APC led government.

 APC as a ruling political party has succeeded in making the socio-economic lives of the masses comatose and citizen’s standard of living has degenerated far below expectations and still expects praises from the disaffected and disenchanted people that suffered so much deprivation and hardship.

The paucity of visionary, committed and patriotic leaders has done much damage to Nigeria today. The few great leaders that could have taking this country to a greater height came and disappeared like lightening, leaving behind tears and nostalgia. It is misnomer and disgusting, if not debilitating and willy-nilly to how local government salaries have not been given a priority by governor Bindow.

Governor Bindow’s indignant rash and row action towards these set of poor workers has exposed his administration to ridicule. Where are we going to end with this kind of inhumanism? The excesses of Bindow administration towards the local council workers’ salaries is unbecoming and have already become a high-wire to the integrity of his administration with the support of the members of house of assembly which only exist in name.

Why are we so cursed with bad rulers and not visionary leaders that will make some positive difference in the lives of their compatriots? Nigerian local council workers will continue to bemoan their ugly fate since their hue and cry for autonomy has seems to be given a deaf ear by the APC led government in the country. One can espouse with me that, there is no any scintilla of rationale and moral justification behind the Governor’s on-going road project if these poor workers will continue to face a hell of time about the salaries issue without any respite. Leadership is a passionate craving to serve humanity selflessly out of the irresistible love to change people’s lives positively and not to make their lives unbearable. Some of the local government workers in the state have accused Governor Bindow of denying them their three to five months salaries up to this time. According to them, his poor administrative style is said to have been serious factor in staff dampened moral and stagnation in the council.

There is every clear indication that the Governor and his cabinet will continue to lose an invaluable opportunity of having political sway over the electorates and subsequently become evanescent in the political landscape of Adamawa state. History will not only judge Governor Bindow by the number of the innocent poor local government staff he succeeded in making their lives miserable and unbearable, but will assess him by the way he used his executive powers to administer the  Local government. His administration was a complete failure to Local council in the state, he has a dismal record by strangulating and emptying the local council coffers, and the verdict of history will not be kind to an unkind leader.

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