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Opinion: Breaching The Civil Service Rules: Recruitment Versus “Replacement”

By Elkanah Benson Mashi

Nigerian youths are saddened with the recent trend of hijacking employment by “cartel” in government ministries with “replacement” in the civil service as against the normal recruitment process spelt out in the civil service rules.

“Replacement” as a method of slotting  persons with connections into the civil service through the back door, upon payment of heavy cash,or as a form of compensation with employment into the government organization,this has become a “deadly” norm which gradually kills the foundation of the civil service in Nigeria, in which the successive governments never pay little or no attention to the abysmal placement of individuals into the government ministries in a “commandor” like manner, without taking into cognizance of the PROVISIONS of the Nigerian constitution on “SOCIAL OBJECTIVE” 2(a) and 3(a) of Chapter 2,”THE FUNDAMENTAL OBJECTIVE”. which stipulated that….2(a)every citizen shall have equality of rights, obligations and opportunities before the law..3(a)..

All citizens without discrimination on any group what ever, have the opportunity for securing adequate means of lively hood as well as adequate opportunity to secure suitable employment.

Reversed is the case in Nigeria, no wonder the civil service is amassed with quacks that aren’t needed due to  the wrong placement, hence the rot in the entire system which causes employment deficit(imbalance) in the governmental Organizations, despite the massive qualified graduates rooming around hopelessly,in view of this.

Nigerian youths no more hinged their total hope, even on any of the job already applied on websites, and daily search for vacancies by unemployed youths hopelessly has stolen our gullibility in the guise of “I may be lucky this time” spending quality time and hard sourced money on cyber cafés painfully,without corresponding gain, knowing fully that majority of government workers and even some  private organizations in Nigeria adopt the known(replacement) shenanigans in recruiting personals.

On this basis,retirement on mandatory 35years or on aged of 60, and even on death for any worker is a call for “replacement”. An influential prospective retiree presents his children   as potential replacement, assuming he’s on three hundred thousand (300,000) monthly salary, placing 6children each on fifty thousand Naira salary for a start has become a practice in Nigeria,depending on the certificate used.

While angry and desperate  “privileged” poor youths pay between three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand naira with “conditions”, such as  three months work without salary and so on,it is a known fact that government never thought it wise to checkmate this practice as a major contributor to the endemic corruption the Buhari administration is vigorously pursuing, while the civil service is being eaten up daily underground unnoticed, “the quacks employed personnel” further crippled the system by sabotaging president Buhari’s effort in fighting corruption, by doing every possible means to recover their money through racketeering,since to them government work is a “business” not a selfless service to one’s fatherland, Nigeria will slide into anarchy should this bad trend further take over the entire civil service, angry graduates come out yearly fresh from Universities with angry ideas that can ignite uncontrolled fire, should sanity isn’t restore in the Labour market. Replacement has become a Phenomenon, that almost every Ministry in Nigerian civil service have come to embrace, except for the police, and the Army with just few security organizations that require one to be composarily trained,government should overhaul this process of recruiting personnel, and deem a search light on these cartels in a view to arresting the situation before it escalate to kill Nigeria.

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