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The push that changed a life

When Rachelle Friedman’s bachelorette party ended, she and her friends decided to go for a swim. Playfully, one of her friends pushed Rachelle in, not thinking about how shallow the water was at that end of the pool. Friedman’s head struck the pool’s bottom and she broke her neck, instantly paralyzing her from the collarbone down.
Since that fateful push, Friedman’s life has changed drastically, but she was able to go ahead with her wedding plans and marry her fiancé a year later. And she forgave the friend who pushed her in. “I love her and have no grudge,” The Daily Beast quoted from a Q&A session Rachelle had on Reddit. “I’m not saying it’s right, but I’ve horseplayed by a pool and pushed people. I’ve pushed her. What happened was an accident.”

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